[Watch] Proof – Miriam Carey Vehicle Passenger Seat Occupied, [Language]DC Shooting May Have Had Company In Car

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Video proof may show a second person in the front passenger seat of Miriam Carey’s vehicle.

There certainly appears to be someone occupying the passenger seat, you can see it here in several different parts of this video but particularly in the portions described.

There may be some offensive language.

The video is compelling.

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Rick Wells

I'm a concerned conservative author who writes for leading online publications, trying to make a difference and restore our nation to its Constitutional roots.


  1. im in awe!!!! my heart was broke over this story, but when i noticed no dents on her car, i began to wonder, now i see this!!!!! WTF !!!!

  2. Without question there is definitely someone in the passenger seat. I wonder what was really going on here and why this second person was not mentioned. Or is it something I missed?

  3. Don’t accidently turn into the wrong drive way in Dc, they will shoot you to death, they don’t care. then tell everybody what kind of a nut you were.

  4. funny how you are the only one out of all of America that can see the magical second person in the car…..wonder what happened to the second person…you are a friggin whack job

  5. Another in the succession of countless mysterious LIES from this administration and it’s media enablers!

  6. Check the Baby’s DNA. I bet Obama is the daddy.

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