Man Rescued During Epic Flood Now Sueing First Responders, You Won’t Believe Why

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. Roy Otriz was saved from a flood in Colorado back in September during their historice floods, but now he’s saying that first responders didn’t act quick enough so he’s filed papers notifying them of his intent to sue. 

Ortiz claims that rescue crews didn’t realize that he was trapped in his vehicle, which was upside down, in the early hours of September 12. He claims to have been yelling but never have gotten a response from them.

“I started yelling again and I started making noise to let them know, those people, that I’m alive,” Ortiz said.

He said that they had failed to help him after he jumped into the back seat of his 2003 Pontiac in an effort to stay alive and had to stay there for two hours until help arrived.

Now, six months later, Ortiz wants to sue the very people who saved his life rather than thank them for risking their own to save his, claiming he needs help with his medical bills.

The lawsuit documents claim that the road should have been closed prior to his trying to take it to his destination and ignore the fact that he shouldn’t have been out on the road to begin with. Now his attorneys are claiming the suit is to preserve his rights in the case and said that they’re not actually going after the people who helped him.

“It’s unfortunate to have to try and cast liability and responsibility for this act of God on the men and women who risked their own lives,” said Ed Ferszt.

Even though Ortiz has gone the route of a frivolous lawsuit to try and recoup money for medical bills that have occurred because of his own actions, first responders in the area are still happy they were able to save his life.

Sara Farris from North Metro Fire Department said that “I’m sure it was a traumatic experience for him,” then added that “Ultimately, we were just very grateful we were able to save his life that day.”

Ortiz’s suit is for $500,000 which he claims as a result of their inaction.

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