Man Charged After Baking Pet Cat In Oven With Plans To Serve It ‘With Onions’


In a more bizarre story, a Minnesota man admitted to authorities that he had killed his cat and baked it in an oven.

28-year-old Cody A. Mann of Monticello was charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty and animal torture, following his arrest Monday afternoon at his apartment, according to the Star Tribune.

His father called police because his son had been making strange comments. Mann’s father told authorities that his son has a history of drug abuse and mental illness.

A sheriff’s deputy went to Mann’s apartment but could not find Mann. Soon after, the apartment manager contacted law enforcement about a “burning smell” coming from the residence.

The deputy detected smoke and an odor of burning hair coming from the apartment. He entered Mann’s apartment and Mann immediately admitted to killing his pet cat, skinning it and baking it in the oven.

The cat was, in fact, discovered in the oven. Evidence of the brutal killing included bloody streaks in the bathtub, along with loose fur and a steak knife.

Mann told the deputy that he couldn’t understand what the problem was, explaining that he wished to prepare his pet with onions for a meal.

Mann was taken to Monticello Hospital for a mental evalution and then to jail for booking.

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  • Gladys Crump

    They should have forced fed this sicko that cat skin.

  • Daylo

    It was his faux pas of a desire to serve it with onions that we all object to…Everyone knows that a good cat needs a very good claret, and nothing more.

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  • Feather Rowe

    i dont see what the problem is here, you see thing like this all the time. we eat meat so what, he thought a feline pot roast sounded good tonight

  • JR_atHome


  • Daylo

    Well…poor cat.

    Amazingly, this man named Mann has a mental issue. Al Franken, a Senator from Minnesota also has a mental issue. Coincidence? I think not.