ObamaCare to Triple Cost of Blue Cross Blue Shield Effective Jan. 1 for Small Business Owners

Barack-Obama-is-Evil Come January 1, 2014 small business owners in Alabama may see their premiums for Blue Cross /Blue shield health insurance coverage go up as much as two to three times.

“Blue Cross has to cancel what they call the vast majority of its individual plans because they don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act,” reports Bethany Wales from WSFA 12 News out of Montgomery, Alabama. “The president and CEO of the company says its working to match customers with a plan that is close to what they’re already paying for. The problem? They are incredibly more expensive — double, sometimes triple, what customers are paying now and the benefits don’t think to measure up with that lower benefits and higher co-pays.”

Miss Wales interviewed one man who’s health care premiums will be going up from $523 a month to $1100 a month on January 1.

In many states across the nation, like Alabama, the “Affordable” Care Act, is quickly becoming known as the “Un-affordable” Care Act.

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